After losing 65lb, Beyonce's got a thigh gap. I'm kind of sad

Ah, the ‘thigh gap‘ debate.

I think its seriously down to genetics and body type if a woman can even get a thigh gap to begin with (it’s very much about the way your body is shaped. You could be teeny, and still not get the gap).

But the trend, and debate, continues.

And so does the tendency for girls following Twitter accounts dedicated to the elusive ‘gap’, such as @CarasThighGap (that one’s in worship of Cara Delevingne) and @eleanorsthighs (a homage to Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction).


Anyway, I’d never seen Beyonce with a thigh gap – until last night’s epic Grammy performance.

She looks fabulous – she lost a whopping 4st 9lb after having her daughter, Blue Ivy, and famously worked hard at it, too.

‘I was 195 pounds when I gave birth. I lost 65 pounds. I worked crazily to get my body back. I wanted to show my body. I wanted to show that you can have a child and you can work hard and you can get your body back,’ Mrs Jay Z has said.

Amazing work, Queen B. But please, please – don’t lose any more of your famous thighs and bum!

Beyonce‘s got, like, the best body ever. I really don’t want to see her shrink any more. I hate to make this very obvious pun but… please mind the gap, Beyonce.

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