Blake is on a life-support machine after suffering multiple organ failure

When Amy Winehouse passed away last year I was actually really shocked.

She’d tried so hard to get back on the straight and narrow, and when she returned to the UK from St Lucia she looked so much healthier.

Her former skeletal frame was plumper, her ghost-white skin was covered in freckles, and she beamed a golden glow.

They were just photos, but I was convinced things were looking up for the singer: she wasn’t going to be another of our exceptionally rare true musical talents to fall victim to the 27-Club, like my heroes Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

And half the battle for Amy had been breaking free from her toxic relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, who as far as I was concerned was responsible for much of her downward spiral.

The only consequence of her recovery would be the depth of pain in her music. Those gut-wrenching Back to Black lyrics; that vivid image of the beehive-singer crying on the kitchen floor.

But I guess I was just hoping. Drink and drugs addiction runs deep – and last year her tiny frame finally gave in and she died from alcohol poisoning. Immortalised forever. It was a terrible shock – but I guess it wasn’t a huge surprise.

However, I was neither shocked or surprised when I heard the news of Blake’s apparent drink and drugs binge, which has left him on a life support machine after suffering with multiple organ failure.

Found choking in bed by his girlfriend Sarah Aspin last Friday, the 30-year-old, who was released from prison just two weeks ago, has been walking on a path of self-destruction for most of his adult life.

But if he pulls through, maybe it’ll take coming face to face with death for Blake to finally turn his life around – and for the sake of his girlfriend and 15-month-old son I hope he does.

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