Yep, you heard me EastEnders fans: I've worked out who killed Lucy Beale

Stop what you’re doing, get those betting slips ready and listen as intently as you would if Phil Mitchell was stood over you with a crowbar – because I know who killed Lucy Beale.

We’ve had nine whole months of guessing, theorising and milking dry every single possible storyline. But finally, the wait is over. And not because it’s the week of EastEnders’ big reveal. Nope, it’s because I KNOW WHO IT WAS.

Check out my evidence:

The only person on the Square who knows what happened, other than the killer, is Lauren Branning (played by Jacqueline Jossa). In Friday night’s episode, she wrote a note to Ian and Jane Beale admitting: ‘I know what happened to Lucy‘.

I’m taking from this that the killer is linked to the Beales. Yep?

Then there was the zipper clue. As the killer fastened his or her coat following their meeting in the park with Emma – the late police officer who also knew the truth – we heard the sound of a zipper. Which EastEnders character is always wearing a jacket? WE KNOW.

Clue three: it’s safe to assume that whoever the killer turns out to be, they won’t be in Albert Square for much longer when their secret comes out. Which character is leaving soon?

And finally, which suspect has truth-knowing Lauren been acting most weird around since finding out…?

It’s only Peter body-warmer-wearing, just-been-dumped-by-Lauren, leaving-the-soap-for-Hollywood Beale!!!

Yep, Peter Beale actor Ben Hardy has announced he will be leaving the soap to pursue a possible role in Hollywood movie X-Men – but details of when and how have not been announced. He was dumped by Lauren in the SAME episode that she wrote to Ian and Jane – aka Peter‘s family – to say she knew what happened to Lucy, and he is barely ever seen without that zipped-up bloody body warmer.


You might be EastEnders’ fittest cast member, Peter, but we know what you did to Lucy. And if we have anything to do with it, you won’t be getting away.

Now someone dial 999 and arrest that fiend before he heads for the Hollywood hills!

Of course, actor Ben Hardy himself doesn’t know that he’s the murderer yet. None of the actors do.
Actor Jake Wood – who plays one of the many suspects Max Branning – revealed: ‘I don’t think we’ll find out until the night. I guess whoever did it will find out an hour or half an hour before so I have no idea.’

I’m busy trying (and mostly failing) to maintain my sanity before the big reveal on Thursday.

It’s only a TV show, it’s only a TV show…

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By Kim Gregory