It's time to get sex pest Perez Hilton OUT of the Celebrity Big Brother house, writes Now's Kim Gregory

It’s bad enough when he’s stirring trouble, bitching about housemates and relentlessly singing, ‘it’s the Perez show, it’s the Perez show.’

But Celebrity Big Brother housemate Perez Hilton has gone way too far numerous times when using explicit sexual references and gestures to wind up other housemates. So much so, Channel 5 allegedly had to cut some particularly explicit scenes from last night’s show, featuring Perez asking Katie Hopkins to perform sexual acts on him.

According to The Sun, the blogger was seen ‘frantically thrusting his hips’ at Katie before telling her to ‘lick it good, suck this dick, just like you should.’

‘It’s exceptionally offensive, disrespectful and abusive,’ psychosexual therapist Juliette Clancy tells Now. ‘Violence or abuse in a relationship is not just about physical force, it’s also insulting language – which we see all the time on CBB. Perez is out of control. He’s exhibiting sexual violence.’

So with viewers and contestants left feeling uncomfortable by Perez‘s actions – as he gyrates almost-naked around the garden, licks housemates without their consent and makes sexually explicit comments – why has he not at least received a warning from Big Brother?

‘I’m left wondering how Perez is allowed to offend people in the house, and the viewers, in a similar way as the people who left,’ continued Juliette, referring to former contestants Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley who were removed from the house for unacceptable sexual comments and acts. ‘Why is he not being removed from the house? It’s a tragic case of double standards. But he’s the person being paid the most, and it’s all about making money for the programme.’

By not removing Perez from the house in order to stop Perez‘s sexualised antics, are Celebrity Big Brother wrongly conditioning viewers to see this kind of behaviour as acceptable?

Is seeing this behaviour go unpunished on our TV screens every day just taking us one step back?

As an angry eviction night crowd would say, I think we need to ‘get Perez out’ before he offends anyone else. 

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Kim Gregory