Sheridan Smith got in an argument with Twitter trolls about her brother who passed away when she was young. She then quit the site. If you ask writer Kim Gregory, she did right

Sheridan Smith, 33, went on an almighty Twitter rant about her two siblings, including her dead brother, resulting in her quitting her social media.

When trolls targeted her brother Damian, 39, who stars in this year’s series of The Voice, Sheridan seriously lost her sh*t. And do I blame her? Hell no!

What the Twitter trolls might not have realised is that Sheridan’s protective streak stems from childhood trauma, after she lost elder brother Julien to cancer when she was just eight years old.

Sheridan ended her Twitter rant with:

‘Night loved ones, crying about my big bro who died but I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself. Pathetic. Just hate my family getting grief, night x’

Err, suddenly Sheridan’s outburst doesn’t seem to inappropriate does it, trolls?

As if she didn’t already have enough to deal with, Sheridan was then hit with controversy about her ex, James Corden, who it was claimed she was sending a ‘sly dig’ out to in her tweet suggesting this year’s BRITs – the first one James has not presented – was the best ceremony yet.

‘It wasn’t a sly dig at all! I love Ant & Dec & James is a genius! I’m on his sister’s radio station on Sunday. I meant the line up!’

Sheridan shortly followed this with the tweets: ‘Oh f*ck this, bye Twitter‘ and ‘I came on twitter to talk to fans, now I seem to just get abuse & made up stories. I’m sorry to you lovely supportive lot, you know who you are.’

The actress has not returned to any social media since, and has deleted some of the comments she wrote to the users trolling her brother, Damian.

Famous or not famous, I don’t think Sheridan should be ashamed of her behaviour. If I was in her position, I’d be tempted to do exactly the same thing – it’s human nature.

So come back to Twitter soon, Sheridan. A lot of people are on your side – and we miss your funny Tweets!

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Kim Gregory