The late Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is in a medically induced coma, after she was found face down in a bath

Bobbi Kristina Brown may have always been destined to suffer
a terrible demise, if new evidence that has come to light is to be believed.

At the age of just five, Whitney Houston was seen smoking crack cocaine in front of her daughter while in a car.

According to her chauffeur Al Bowman, he saw Whitney tell her little girl to calm down because she was doing ‘adult things’ in the
back of their limo as they sat together. He then saw Whitney raise a crack pipe to her lips, and inhale.

He told the MailOnline: ‘Bobbi always wanted to be just like her mom and
now it seems she may have followed in her footsteps.

heartbreaking, a real tragedy. This young girl was raised in a world no child
should live in.

couldn’t believe it, it was heartbreaking, out of control. Whitney was a
complete train wreck. I couldn’t bear seeing her daughter sat there in amongst
it all, it was so sad.’

21, is currently in hospital in Atlanta in a medically induced coma, following
eerily similar circumstances to how her mother died almost exactly three years
ago. Just like her mum, Bobbi was found unresponsive in a bath tub.

Whitney was found dead in a hotel bathtub in Los Angeles in 2012, the day before the Grammy Awards. Her death was the result of accidental drowning, caused by a combination of drug use and heart disease.

friends fear Bobbi may have taken a drugs overdose – and drugs were found in her
property in Roswell, Georgia – it is not known exactly what happened to her.

But there’s no doubt Bobbi grew up in a world no little girl should have been exposed to.

Dad Bobby recently said: ‘There was a lot going on. Bobbi Kristina was growing up and getting older. Drugs started playing a big part in our [his and Whitney’s] life and you know what happens when people start abusing anything, it all just started to fall apart.’

While Bobbi now fights for her life on a support machine it seems her difficult
upbringing, being around drugs from an early age, could have led her onto a chaotic
life path culminating in this tragic event.

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