TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and the Kardashians are rehashing the same old storylines and I am getting bored. Zzzz...

So…  Only Way Is Essex girl Ferne McCann is back with Charlie Simms again (yawn!), Sam Faiers is still bickering with walking talking space vacuum Joey Essex (double yawn), while all the buffed up boys are dribbling over Lucy Mecklenburgh (surely there’s someone else down Sugar Hut for them to get worked up over!)

Meanwhile over in Chelsea, Spencer Matthews is still being a total panto t**t,  Jaime Laing is playing Phoebe Lettuce Thompson and Lucy Watson off against each other, and Louise Thompson is giving ex Andy Jordan ‘please forgive me’ eyes. 

In LA, things are pretty much the same for the Kardashians, as Kim and Khloe whine at each other about whatever it is rich Americans moan about, and Scott continues to walk around like Christian Bale in American Psycho!

Enough already! Once upon a time these shows were vibrant and fun and full of excitement. Now, the producers who ‘storyline’ the shows have become so wrapped up in creating so much drama that you can actually see the twists coming a mile off.

Worse still, they are plots that we’ve seen before. Only less fresh and seemingly more staged. 

No wonder ratings for the shows have  dipped in this country (TOWIE, is currently watched by 700, 000, as opposed to the 1 million it commanded a year or so ago).

Producers need to be brave and sideline the characters who have given them great storylines over the years that have become oh so tired and give fresher characters a chance to shine.

There are only so many times we can watch Charlie or Spencer admitting to cheating on their other halves or Kris Jenner being the maternal pain in the ass! It’s groundhog day and it’s getting dull dull dull.

Of course, we don’t want the shows to become boring happy places where there is no tension, but please people vary the storylines! Especially as it looks like some of the players are encouraging the storylines to get more screen time. Tut tut!

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