People are determined to knock Kate down over every little detail. It's mean - and unfeminist

The Duchess of Cambridge is going GREY just three months after the birth of heir Prince George‘, declares The Sun today.

Apparently Kate Middleton‘s been getting her silver streaks’ out, for the first time’.

Um, OK.

I actually remember this shocker of a story cropping up back in January 2012, when the Daily Mail reported that the Duchess has, to her horror, started finding the odd grey hair’.

So Kate might have had a few greys for a while. BUT WHO CARES?

The whole world, apparently. And, even worse, 31-year-old Kate is now also wrinkly to boot.

Grey hair at 30 something, also she has wrinkles! in 10 years she will look like 60! bad genes, really!’ bitches one reader on the Daily Mail Online.

Those pocket bags under her eyes are terrible and she could do with a good dose of botox. With all her money (or his money i should say) she should have access to the best. It just goes to show class cannot be bought,’ says another.

Oh, eff off, keyboard warriors.

People are on a mission to bring Kate down over every little thing, and it’s doing my head in.

First it was her do-it-yourself eyeliner. Then it was that she lost weight too quickly after giving birth. And now it’s these few greys, and supposed wrinkles.

Kate‘s forehead is creased because she’s making an, erm, facial expression. She’s not a robot, you know. 

I’m not going to go much further on the Kate Middleton wrinkle debate, lest I fall asleep at my desk. But I reckon every woman, 20 or 70, has a wrinkle or two if you catch her at the wrong angle. I certainly do.

Just give the girl a break, already! We should be supporting other women.

I don’t care if people like or dislike the Royals – that’s a different argument entirely – but picking holes in a young, busy mum because she’s got a bit of grey hair?

It’s envy. And envy is what’s ugly. Not grey hair.

Grey hair is pretty damn fabulous if you ask me. Nobody can avoid it totally. Yep, many and most women will reach for the dye, and I dare say that Kate will, too.

But others – and most of us, one day – will embrace the grey.

So shut it, haters. Leave Kate alone. And go and do something more productive with your day. 


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