How can reality TV's biggest love rat Lee Ryan have more than one woman interested in him?


Sunday night’s episode of Celeb Big Brother was the most gripping of the series. I was shocked and slightly disappointed with myself at crying watching the Frozen In Time task.

The celebs trying their best to stay totally still and not talk every time the clock chimed and a visitor entered the house. Staying motionless through their tears at being reunited with their loved ones.

Well, apart from Lee Ryan that is, who couldn’t help himself when Jasmine Waltz appeared and confronted his relationship with Casey Batchelor.

Another of those visitors was Blue, who serenaded love rat, or should that be love twat Lee Ryan with their hit One Love – TV genius. Especially when Duncan James spoke the words one love is all you need, hey Lee’ in Lee‘s face at the end of the song.

And what a total idiot Lee is, I can’t believe a grown man can behave like he has. It was like being back at school, watching the boys and girls disappear off into their separate groups, having huddled discussions after Jasmine‘s shock re-visit to the house.

How can he possibly not know he has been leading Casey on? And what the hell does she see in him anyway?

He doesn’t deserve either Casey or Jasmine, although Casey is by far the more appealing out of the two (even though I still don’t really know why she is famous).

Good on Emma Willis for giving Lee a piece of her mind after his eviction last night. Talking of which, was it just me that noticed he was the only one dressed up as if he was ready to leave the house, even though it was a surprise eviction? Hmm…

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