Lee Ryan is just a silly boy. But did Evander Holyfield actually say anything inoffensive whilst he was in the house?

Why has no one has complained about Evander Holyfield‘s disgusting remarks when he was in the CBB house? Does being a former boxing champion make him immune to a telling off? I despise boxing, and have never understood why it is a sport anyway. Evander’s just made me hate it even more.

First he shocked during a conversation with Luisa Zissman about the lack of openly gay sports stars. He said being gay isn’t normal and can be fixed. Even going as far as comparing it to being disabled.

Since being kicked out of the house he has apologised, but that doesn’t alter what he feels or said. ‘I do owe an apology for what I said, but in that situation I felt I was talking to one person and I was telling that one person my view.’ Oh, and he forgot about the cameras.

YOU’RE ON BIG BROTHER! How can you possibly forget you’re on TV?

At least kids aren’t watching the show who may look up to him. I certainly hope not anyway, especially from what I saw on Sunday night’s episode, which was more like a peep show.

I am sure back in the day Big Brother was a programme you could safely have on whilst children were around. Had my step-children still been up last night I would have reached for that remote sharpish.

Not content with anti-gay slurs, Evander disgusted me further when he admitted to punching a horse. And not just any horse – a pregnant one! Animal-lover Liz Jones was discussing falling off her horse when Evander said: ‘I fell off my horse too. I was so mad, because I didn’t know my horse was pregnant and the horse’s back feet missed me when I fell. And I was so mad at the horse when I fell, I hit him right in the jaw.’


Who in their right mind does that?

Yet viewers are complaining about Lee Ryan flitting between two women.

Come on CBB fans, seriously, who is more offensive? At least Lee isn’t offending anyone. He’s just a randy immature man who is desperate for attention.

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