Celebrity Big Brother is shaping up to be the raunchiest one yet - and it's all down to Luisa Zissman!

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Luisa Zissman is clearly a very smart girl.

Not only is she a successful independent business woman but she even managed to impress Lord Sugar, getting down to the final two of last year’s Apprentice.

So I admit I was initially puzzled as to why she was entering this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house – as wouldn’t have thought it was even on her radar.

But then came the bigger surprise – her antics in the house.

Within the first couple of days Luisa was already sucking Dappy’s nipple and drunkenly snogging American actress Jasmine Waltz in the hot tub.

And since then, I can’t help but think she knows exactly what she’s doing – and that everything she does is designed to ensure she gets maximum exposure and stays in the public eye.

Whether she’s simulating sex in the shower with her partner-in-crime Dappy, breaking the house rules by wearing make-up or baiting housemate Jim Davidson, she is incredibly good at making sure she’s at the forefront of all CBB goings on.

Most shocking of all for me was her talking to Lee Ryan and Ollie Locke about still being able to lactate three years after giving birth and asking the boys if they wanted to taste her breast milk!

I may sound like a prude, but is she not thinking about her poor daughter Bluebell and the example she’s setting?

All these antics convince me even more that Luisa went into the CBB house with a plan and is making sure she stays there by being as sexual and provocative as possible.

If it’s all just an act, then Luisa’s a damn good actress, it must be exhausting keeping it up!


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