Seriously, White Dee is the new Big Brother comedienne I used to hate but know I love her...


To be honest, before Celebrity Big Brother hit our screens, I was totally, 100 per-cent, ANTI-White Dee.

Now though, she’s my new one-to-watch. I just can’t get enough!

The Benefits Street star divided the nation earlier this year as it was revealed that she received around £20,000 a year in state handouts, claiming she was ‘too depressed to work’.

White Dee has since been spotted partying in Magaluf, supping on champers and downing cocktails, declaring that a trip to the party isle was a ‘means of boosting her spirits’. Pah!

However, since entering the Big Brother house, the 42-year-old has become seriously likeable. White Dee‘s two-day task as the Duchess of Solihull was pure, TV comedy gold.

Often ‘LOL’ is used despite the fact no one is even cracking a smile. Yeah, well, I was actually laughing-out-loud.

Not only did CBB transform White Dee, real name Deidre Kelly, into a neat, tidy, employable version of herself, the Brummie resident also had to ‘walk, talk, and behave like a royal’. And she certainly lived up to this regal role.

Encouraging Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan to address her as ‘my grace’ and discussing fake corgis, Daniel and Holly, was a far cry from the loud, brash and slightly ill-mannered woman we’re using to seeing on our screens and reading about.

Convincing housemates of her drunken behaviour at Prince William and Kate’s wedding and reminiscing about the day she shot a swan while out hunting with Prince Phillip – oh Dee, you are freakin’ hilar.

Despite this majestic front, Deidre has still stuck to her roots, claiming she was a bit of ‘an outcast’ as she puffed away on a cigarette. #keepitreal

I know who’s getting my vote this year!

And for the record, my runner-up is David McIntosh. He’s is certainly sticking to his promise of being the house hot-totty and seems totally unable to keep his top on, preferring to wander round the house showing off his scrummy six-pack. There’s definitely no complaints from the Now team.

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