Sylvester Stallone’s mum looks better than ever

So, I’m just gonna throw this out there… I reckon Jackie Stallone and her re-re-revamped trout pout look good. Like real good – for a woman who’s 90.

I mean, before she stepped out at her son’s Expendables 2 film premiere on Wednesday, the only vision that lay burned – no scolded – in my mind was the ‘Yeeeeah Jackie’ who made that surprise appearance in the 2005 Celebrity Big Brother house – much to the shock of former daughter-in-law Brigitte Nielson.

You know, the one with the retina-scolding orange hair and a face that looked like it had been pieced together with plasticine. Ouch. Sorry.

But the Jackie who graced the red carpet this week seemed to have located some new skin from somewhere – she was so much smoother!

And her ginger frizz was no more (RIP). Instead, she donned dark, glossy locks, which brought out her ‘trademark’ cat-green eyes. (They have always been green, right? Or are they new too?)

Jackie’s never confirmed or denied having plastic surgery over the years, so there’s a chance she’s been blessed with some super-human genetics…

But if sources are to be believed, her youthful appearance is more likely to be down to a £70,000 cosmetic surgery overhaul, including a boob job, facelift and total body skin resurfacing.

So, she may not have grown old gracefully, and I’d hardly think it was appropriate if my nan turned up for Sunday dinner dressed in a mini skirt and high heels, but she’s totes making 90 the new 60. I didn’t even recoil at the sight of her on-show cleavage…


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