EXCLUSIVE Is Cheryl Cole only putting thin contestants through on X Factor? Chanelle Hayes certainly thinks so

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for: Cheryl Cole‘s Judges’ Houses. I had been watching X Factor in anticipation all weekend to have my screen taken over by the goddess that is Cheryl.

Cheryl has always been my favourite judge – empathetic, emotionally attached to her contestants and she usually follows her heart with her decisions, but on Sunday I think I speak for most of the X Factor viewing population when I say I was shocked at the girls she put through.

We first saw Lauren Platt sing a full (and lovely) rendition of See Beneath Your Beautiful and were then robbed of Kerrianne Covell‘s performance of Hurt by Christina Aguilera seeing only a measly few seconds.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether this was because producers perhaps thought that us viewers would rather watch Lauren sing with her pretty face, thigh gap and cute little dress, rather than Kerrianne with her curvaceous figure paired with a tight callots and vest combo.

Well, let me tell you X Factor, I wanted to watch both! I had to endure a cringing FULL performance of Chloe-Jasmine Whichello belting out Somewhere Over The Rainbow dolled up to the nines in her metallic dress, full face of make-up and overly arrogant catwalk posing.

Swiftly following Chloe was the thoroughly boring Stephanie Nala. Again, perfect figure, gorgeous hair, midriff on show and looking beautiful. To be honest, I got up and made myself a cup of tea when she was singing because it was all a bit mediocre. I know you’re thinking what I am: You had your chance on Britain’s Got Talent!

Emily Middlemas was next singing a cute version of a One Direction song. I really liked it. I also really loved her short dress, teeny waist and tousled, beach hair because it made me put down my biscuit.

Then one of my favourites, Lola Saunders, sang next. She had her hair scraped back, glitzy dress covering her voluptuous figure and erm… trainers. She sang amazingly and deserved a place in the final by a mile!

Why am I commenting on all their appearances when this is a singing competition? Because I think that’s what Cheryl did!

Cheryl put through three singers who were petite, slim, fashion conscious and therefore seen as more socially ‘attractive.’ Come on, Chezza, that’s a poor effort from you. How do you think Chloe-Jasmine will do on ‘Beyonce week’ or ‘rock week?’ Terribly! But how will she look? I’d imagine bloomin’ lovely!

On ballad week do we seriously believe Stephanie Nala could belt out a Celine Dion classic with success? Really? No! But she will have a tight fitting dress on, perfect make up and will look every inch the superstar. Could Kerrianne and Lola do both of these things better? YES! So why aren’t they?

Cheryl, you’re gorgeous. I am in love with you. But if I had to choose between your album or Adele‘s, there would be no contest. And with all due respect, I think the world has already agreed with me on that…!

Just because Lola and Kerrianne aren’t a conventional size 6-8 with perfect hair, on point fashion sense and six packs doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be put through. They are beautiful just as they are!

Paul Akister was sent home by Louis Walsh last year, he sings exactly as good now as he sang last year. Louis had the audacity to say he helped him by sending him home because now he is ‘ready.’ Why? Is it because he lost three stone?

Don’t be a fat-ist Cheryl. I think we need to stop and remember you are judging X Factor not Britain’s Next Top Model. They can dress or look however they want as long as they’re blasting out the vocals. Styles can be changed, outfits can be altered, weight can even be lost, but talent like theirs cannot be created – you either have it or you don’t, and they have it.

I’m sure if they looked different maybe they would be through to live shows too… shame on you Cheryl!

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