Charlotte-Letitia Crosby reveals why she has finally decided to come clean about her feelings for Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle...

I’m back in the Geordie Shore house this week and the first thing I did was apologise to Gaz for the fight we had and tell him I will not get jealous again.

Then I found out we were going to Barcelona, Scott and Holly might have banged, Scott got with a cougar and Gaz did NOT pull. WTF?!

On the way to Spain, Vicky and I decided to have some Spanish lessons – Vicky doesn’t think I was any good but I am. Honestly, my old Spanish teacher would be proud, especially as I know all the rude phases. I felt so Spanish!

The biggest gossip in the house is that Vicky is taking a break from Ricci. But that’s not all. She’s going to keep me away from Gaz as she doesn’t want me to get hurt.

When we arrived, the villa looked like it was from a porn film. Then Vicky and I were told we had to look after a stag tour of Barcelona. When we saw the stags, there were at least four or five average-looking ones so knew it was going to be a laugh. It was good to see Vicky having fun.

On our last night in Barcelona things changed, though. I needed to tell Gary I loved him as I just couldn’t pretend any longer. What did he say?

You’ll have to watch and find out. But let’s just say, I’ve cried all over again but now I feel differently and I’m glad I don’t have those feelings now. Honest!

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