I don't think the couple were ever going to last

I think it’s nice that Robert Pattinson is reportedly dating Sean Penn‘s daughter Dylan.

Rob is hot, a good actor and revealed last month that he watches The Great British Bake Off – could there be a more attractive trait in a man?

He deserves to be happy and if he’s enjoying hanging out with Dylan (who, incidentally, is VERY pretty) then good for him.

But there seem to be quite a lot of R-Pattz fans who disagree with me – and are certain that the day will come when he and his ex Kristen Stewart reunite.

Just a quick search through Twitter for ‘Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn‘ brings up comments such as ‘kristen. I know you guys still love each other’ and ‘no way you belong with kristen stewart’.

Errrrr, sorry guys. But no. Rob and Kristen DON’T belong together – and do you want to know why? Because they were never really soul mates.

People go crazy over a romance and Twilight is one of the most popular love stories of the past few years.

It isn’t Rob and Kristen‘s relationship that Twihards really care about, it’s Edward and Bella‘s – which may be beautiful and true but… oh yeah, it’s fictional!

I just don’t think Kristen would have cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders (nowhere near as good looking) if she’d really seen their relationship lasting forever.

Maybe they got a bit caught up in the Twilight world as well?

Either way, who cares. It’s clearly over now. Sorry, Robsten fans – it looks like you might have to get used to Rob smooching a new girl.

How do you feel about the name Dylert?

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