I reckon Louis and Eleanor are better off single

So this may be a TAD controversial, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder are better apart.

Yep, I went there. I really do think it’s a GOOD thing that Elounor are no more.

Of course, it was quite a shock to hear that One Direction singer Louis, 23, and his girlfriend Eleanor, 22, had ended things earlier this month

After all, the couple had been together for over three years. Eleanor was there for her man as 1D became stratospheric – despite being a busy university student.

She’d become pals with members of the group’s entourage, including Louis‘ sister Lottie, Harry Styles‘ sibling Gemma and Liam Payne‘s partner Sophia Smith.

And she was even blimmin’ maid of honour at Louis‘ mum Johannah Deakin‘s wedding last year!

But they’ve since gone their separate ways, which has left some fans pretty devastated. As one Tweeted today: ‘i still can’t believe elounor is over….’

Now bear with me on this one, but here’s why I don’t think Elounor shippers should be sobbing too hard into their (now defunct) wedding hats.

For a start, Louis and Eleanor won’t have broken up for no reason. Either one or both of them will have been unhappy – and there is NO point being in an unhappy relationship.

Some Directioners already reckon Louis has looked more chilled since becoming single.

‘after elounor died the real louis came back to Life,’ Tweeted one, while another wrote: ‘I think louis happier because he is no longer with elounor.’

And I think Eleanor seems more relaxed too.

In the last few months of her and Louis being together, she hardly posted anything on social media. Perhaps this was because she was going through something she didn’t feel like sharing?

But she’s recently been uploading lots more snaps on Instagram. YAY!

Let’s not forget that Louis is going through the toughest time in his career right now. Now that Zayn Malik has quit 1D, the rest of the boys really have to prove themselves as a four-piece.

Perhaps it’s better for him to be single to focus on work?

Eleanor recently graduated from university and is finally (kinda) free from speculation about her and Louis, so she has an infinite amount of opportunities to explore.

Remember Liam‘s ex Danielle Peazer (who, incidentally, El was good friends with)? She’s become a mega-successful blogger and celebrity since losing her 1D WAG tag.

Yes, it’s a bit sad that Elounor are no longer an item. But they’re both young, and I think they’ve got some pretty exciting things coming their way…

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