I'm bored of hearing some Directioners slam others for not believing Louis is happy with girlfriend Eleanor Calder

I really thought that the ridiculous gossip romantically linking One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles was old news.

But I was sooo wrong – it seems the Larry Stylinson idea is still very much alive.

Rumours were circling recently that Louis had (SHOCK!) split from his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Directioners were eager to find out whether the couple’s 19-month love story was really over and, naturally, so were we.

So when Louis‘ mum Johannah told her Twitter followers that there was ‘no way’ the pair had ended things and that they’re ‘as strong as ever’ we happily wiped the sweat from our brows.

We’re not sure we could handle another 1D break up so soon after Liam Payne called time on his romance with dancer Danielle Peazer last month.

But then Johannah started getting targeted by the small group of fans who are convinced by strenuously-denied claims that Louis and Harry are secretly dating.

When we covered the story, self-dubbed ‘Larry shippers’ started sending us hate mail too.

Apparently, we’re a ‘bunch of d*cks’, ‘rude idiots’ and ‘ridiculous’ – um, thanks.

They reckon 80% of the group’s fandom is on their side and believe a nonsensical conspiracy theory that we’re under contract to the boys’ management to spread the Elounor ‘lie’ (we’re categorically not).

In my opinion, insulting people over the internet for not agreeing with your views is not the way to prove your point. That’s cyberbullying.

Just because we don’t believe that Louis and Harry are an item doesn’t mean we’re homophobic. That’s an absurd claim. 

I know this will only anger Larry devotees more, but I really think they should get over their obsession.

Louis has said himself that he’s happy with his stunning girl and that the stories about him and Harry are ‘the biggest load of bullsh*t’.

Why do people who claim they care about 1D want to call the boys and their families liars? It’ll only lead them to reveal even less about their personal lives.

Louis and Harry are such lovely lads and have always been friendly and open when we’ve interviewed them. They’re more than happy to talk about their lives over a cup of tea.

Fanfiction is a massive phenomenon and if people want to indulge their fantasies by chatting to other shippers about Louis and Harry‘s fake ‘love’ then fair enough.

But don’t slag off Johannah – and us! – for not wanting to play make believe.

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