Okay, Cumberladies - whatever, what's the appeal?

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch certainly has some devoted fans.

I’d never even heard of Cumberbitches until this week and now I’m told this feisty name is being phased out in favour of Cumberladies, which seems a bit twee.

But never mind that, I’m confused as to whether the bloke who gets the Cumberclan drooling is actually the odd – and possibly autistic – Sherlock Holmes or the actor himself.

Holmes is a very peculiar character,’ acknowledges Benedict.

Sherlock‘s hard to love because he’s seemingly cold and cut off, and that’s always an alluring thing.’

So is the fantasy to put warmth and cuddly love into this weird detective’s life – or is Benedict such a Cumberbabe magnet because he’s just a brilliant actor and easy on the eye?

Johnny Depp is more my kind of pin-up boy and I don’t get the passionate appeal.

But comedian and writer Meghan O’Keefe tells Huffington Post readers: ‘Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t a man. He’s a situation that me and most of my friends are all having.’

Meghan reckons it’s the actor’s ‘unusual, striking, fascinating face’ – with legendary cheekbones, his slanted moonstone eyes and his superhuman confidence that make him so desirable.

So do tell. What’s so special about Benedict for you, Cumberkooks? Is it because he’s a nerd with sex appeal? Comments please.

Nice pic below, I must agree…


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