Dawn parties for a whole weekend, just like Mossy but Mario Testino is nowhere in sight

Congrats to the lovely Dawn Porter and new hubby Chris O’Dowd who got married at the weekend in what looks like a pop-up gazebo in their back garden.

This genuinely nice, unstarry couple are so down to earth they buy all their furniture on eBay and posed for wedding snaps in toning onesies with Dawn‘s radiant face untouched by even the tiniest dash of lippy.

When we met back in March, Dawn invited Now for a tour round the quirkily artistic Porter/O’Dowd home in East London and was proudly flashing the emerald engagement ring Chris had given her at Christmas.

She talking excitedly about getting married in – I could have sworn she said – Portugal.

The whole family were delighted. ‘After all,’ Dawn told me. ‘I’m marrying a movie star. What’s not to like?’

But it seems the spontaneous pair changed their minds on a glam location at the last minute and opted for a low-key shindig closer to home instead.

Hollywood this clearly was not.

Yet try as they might, Dawn and Chris have been unable to escape the influence of showbiz altogether.

The new Mrs O’Dowd describes the wedding as their ‘three-day Wedfest’.

Just like when Kate Moss married Jamie Hince last summer in a 72-hour celebration that the Gloucestershire locals dubbed ‘Moss-stock’.

And Matthew McConaughey’s three-day party with bride Camila Alves in Texas in June.

The one-day wedding is so over, darling…

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