Zayn's a horny boy in the biggest pop band in the world

OK – not all guys are cheaters. My amazing dad’s not, for one. And I knooow it’s not gender specific – us girls cheat as well.

But the truth is boys are flooded with testosterone.

That’s not to say they’re helpless victims of their own sexual desire – but it’s a powerful thing that relies on willpower to resist temptation and respect the one you love.

So imagine you’re One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

A 20-year-old boy who’s shot to fame and become one of the most dribbled-over pop stars in the world – practically overnight.

With girls wearing next-to-nothing forever thrusting themselves at his mercy.

Bit like dangling a shelf-full of Manolo Blahniks in front of a shoeless Carrie Bradshaw.

So while I don’t condone cheating – ever! – Zayn’s infidelity is hardly surprising.

It just feels more shock-horror-gaspy because his girlfriend was the gorge Perrie Edwards of sexy Little Mix fame.

Why would he cheat on a girl as goddessly as her? Must mean he doesn’t truly love her, right?

Well I disagree. I don’t think his cheating means he loves her any less.

Studies have shown men can love one woman but have recreational sex with another without their emotions being involved one bit.

It’s all down to testosterone – the male hormone which is produced in our brains and is associated with sex drive, muscles and ambition, which is dramatically in conflict with oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone also produced in the brain.

And given that men produce five to 10 times the amount of testosterone that women do, they’re far more likely to cheat. Fact.

But the problem is Perrie did absolutely nothing wrong to be hurt and humiliated in this way.

If Zayn was feeling tempted, he shouldn’t have made a commitment to her in the first place should he now?

Or he should have put his balls to better use and broken up with her to be single.

Choosing monogamy is the mistake here – and one so many boys make. They want the stability of a relationship as well as the excitement of steamy sex and the thrill of the chase.

So given all the sciencey bit, if Perrie really, really, really loves Zayn, should she put up with the likelihood that his raging sex drive’ll steer him astray again – despite his inevitable vows and promises?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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