Uh oh uh oh uh o-o-o You have GOT to watch this video of Beyonce fan Chris Koo!


You know what it’s like: you’re out with your mates, minding your own business, trying to act cool in front of a hot group of guys across the bar. And then, suddenly, without any thought to your dignity or impending mortification, the DJ sticks on Crazy In Love.

Before you know it, the spirit of Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s on stage persona doncha know) has possessed you and YOU’RE DOING THE DANCE. Badly.

We all want to believe there’s a bit of Queen Bey hiding inside, just waiting for the moment to burst out in a booty-shaking explosion, but somehow what you think you’re doing in your head just doesn’t work out in reality.

I imagine I’m doing justice to Beyonce (who owned twerking long before Miley Cyrus popped on her foam finger). In actual fact I look like I’m a) being electrocuted or b) am choking after accidentally swallowing the tequila lime.

But one fan has got it right. To commemorate 10 years (yes, 10!) since Beyonce first taught us how to twerk in her Crazy In Love video, Chris Koo has created this piece of YouTube awesomeness.

And the best bit? Queen Bey has even watched it herself. Chris, we salute you and your hair-flicking moves. Altogether now girls… uh oh uh oh uh oh o-o-o-o


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