Photographer's incredible pictures of newborn son go viral

When photographer Neli Prahova gave birth to her son she decided to capture his early days in a different way to most parents – and the results are mesmerising.

Using everyday household items, she snapped Leonardo apparently flying through the air as Superman and floating on the sea.

The images have proved so popular they have gone viral around the world.

‘I constantly keep an eye on props that I might use for new ideas,’ says Neli. ‘From paper plates and bottle caps to scarves, cut out flowers and real vintage pearls. It’s all about the idea and then you start brainstorming.’

Neli‘s interest in photography began when she was a teenager, a passion which would eventually lead to Neli becoming a professional wedding photographer. But when Neli became a mum almost three years ago, she found herself focusing on a younger demographic. 

Neli says: ‘I could feel my creative desires changing, urging me to use my new skills as a parent to create wonderful images that other new parents would treasure forever.’

Taking pictures of babies isn’t as easy as Neli‘s serene scenes make it seem and can sometimes prove to be a challenge.

‘Photographing children is very fast-paced as they never stay still,’ explains Neli. ‘It’s all about patience as it takes often a long time to rock them to sleep in order to take those adorable newborn photos. And patience is also the one big thing I had to learn when I became a parent.’

To take the ideal shot, Neli works with an assistant whose job it is to continuously calm the baby down.

If parents are eager to try replicating Neli‘s pictures, she suggests not waiting too long after your little one is born.

Neli says: ‘I recommend photographing your baby in the first 10 days as this is the period when the baby still sleeps a lot and it’s easier to put them in the right position. Thereafter babies stretch a lot and it’s much harder to photograph them.’

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