Now finds out what it's like to run your fingers through Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto's hair from Dallas Buyers Club hairstylist Adruitha Lee

Now: Hi Adruitha, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

Adruitha: ‘Thanks for having me!’

Now: How did you create Matthew McConaughey‘s 80s hair in Dallas Buyers Club?

Adruitha: ‘First, I permed his hair to get the texture that I needed. Then I used a combination of styling products to layer in what we used to call that “feathered look.”‘

Now: What products did you use to style it every day?

Adruitha: ‘I’d run KMS Hairstay Styling Gel through Matthew‘s hair – it helps give me that control over his hair that I needed. Next, I blow dryed it to help set it. Depending on the weather – because of all the humidity in New Orleans – I used Bumble & bumble’s Grooming Creme and Bumble & bumble’s Sumo Wax and then brush it into shape. To finish, I’d spray it [with hairspray].’

Now: Jared Leto plays transsexual Rayon in the film – tell us about his wigs!

Adruitha: ‘We had three wigs. The brown one wasn’t Jared‘s favourite. He did not want to wear that wig. The director wanted me to use something that was really worn and bad. I cut holes in it, I did all kinds of things to it and the director never would sign it off. So finally I just got mad one day and put it in the parking lot and drove over it.’

Now: OMG! How many cans of hairspray did you have to use?

Adruitha: *laughs* ‘Oh my god – when I was fixing all those wigs? I mean we tried to keep Jared somewhat natural because he wasn’t doing drag shows or anything like that. I probably went through about six cans.’

Now: Jared was in character as Rayon off set too. Did he say anything sassy?

Adruitha: ‘Yes – when he came in the trailer and needed to be waxed. His whole face was waxed, his eyebrows were waxed off – everything! And so for that type of facial wax you have to pull it off. Jared just held onto the chair and he said, “Go for it, honey.”

‘A lot of his exchange with me was over his wigs. He would say, “None of my drag queen friends would wear wigs like this,” and I said, “Yes, but you do not have any money – remember that.”‘

Now: What would you do to Jared‘s hair now?

Adruitha: ‘I think I’d cut it a little bit shorter – right above his shoulder – not below – right above, ‘cos he has such a pretty face. I would definitely do some layering but make them longer and I would texturise it because that gives it so much movement. His hair is beautiful. I got to brush it everyday before I put the wigs on.’

Now: And what would you do to Matthew‘s hair?

Adruitha: ‘I like Matthew‘s hair shorter than what it was on Dallas Buyers Club. I like it with a little colour in it, but not too dark – just enough to give depth.’

Now: Which Hollywood star that you’ve worked with has the best hair?

Adruitha: ‘I gotta say Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt‘s got some great hair. It’s a great texture and he’s got such a good sense of style that you can do things with him. It’s fun to colour and it’s fun to cut.’

Now: Which celeb’s hair haven’t you cut that you’d like to work with?

Adruitha:Jennifer Lawrence. I like the fact that she cut it and did some great colour on it and now that it’s grown out again – I would just kinda like to get my hands in it and mess with it. I’ve done her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult‘s hair so I would like to do hers. I like Jennifer‘s hair with some lightness to it – blonde, a little shorter and messy. I think every girl needs a bit of colour, it just makes you more interesting.’ 

Dallas Buyers Club is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One

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