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For months now, I’ve been hearing wicked whispers about my pal Katherine Jenkins‘ so-called affair with David Beckham.

It was always inevitable they would end up on Twitter. And, like so many social networking ‘scandals’, people who knew absolutely nothing started to convince others that the malicious rumours were true.

That’s why I commend the opera beauty for bravely tackling the gossip head on today – and what better place to do it than her own Twitter page?

The likes of Lily Allen (the celeb world’s attention seeker in chief) might mock her decision, but the fact is they’re not being subjected to almost constant questions about something that never happened.


Who on earth voted to keep this pointless, soulless, nasty, man-hunting woman in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

And, perhaps more importantly, how on earth did she qualify as a celebrity in the first place anyway?

Sexting a married man makes you a lot of things, but it certainly doesn’t make you a star.

Whatever you might think of Jasmine Lennard, she is a well-known model with one of the most extraordinarily honest personalities in showbiz.

She deserved to stay.

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