I feel for Danielle O'Hara, but why don't celebs learn?

There are two things a woman should never do in her life: 1) Marry a footballer. 2) Get a tattoo of her man’s name. Unfortunately, Danielle O’Hara did both. Even worse, she was inked with her allegedly cheating footballer husband Jamie O’Hara‘s name shortly before she found out what he’s apparently been up to.

She now joins the long list of celebs stuck suffering from the pain of claims of a partner cheating, but also stuck with their name forever engraved on their skin. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (previously Cole) made the same mistake with her ‘Mrs C’ tattoo on the back of her neck, at least she couldn’t see it herself, I guess.

Jamie who plays for the Wolverhampton Wanderers (not even a good team) is said to have cheated on Danielle twice, with two different women. If the claims are true, and to twist the knife in even further he was spotted coming out of a club at the weekend with what appears to be lipstick smeared all over his face. Next to him in one photo is a guy who looks like he has make-up and fake tan on his white top, like a couple of pathetic teenage boys who’ve just discovered girls.

Meanwhile, poor Danielle is taking care of her three boys by herself – Archie, four, Harry, three, and George, 11 months. However no celebrity worth their salt is ever broken-hearted enough to not post selfies on Instagram

Along with sad and moody black and white photos of herself and the boys she put up a poem which she swiftly removed. It read: ‘I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand. So now I leave without a sound, except that of my heart shattering as it hits the ground.’ Danielle once said of Jamie: ‘I’d cut his bits off if he cheated.’ Strong words.

Back in February 2013 in an interview with Now she said ‘He’s a real family man and I’d never met a guy who was so respectful to women. In past relationships, I’d hold back my feelings and go along with whatever the guy wanted just to please him – but Jamie made me feel equal and I felt able to share my deepest, darkest secrets. He’s my best friend; my soul mate.

‘But my trust issues haven’t just disappeared. In the beginning, I worried Jamie would cheat on me, even though I’d no reason to doubt him. I kept pushing him away, but realised I was going to lose him unless I got help.’

It takes a lot to put your trust in someone and marry them, laying yourself bare and offering your heart. Surely getting wed to a footballer is just asking for that heart to be broken, ripped apart and stamped on.

Footballers should remain single where they can cavort with women freely. Yes, there’s a handful of them who haven’t been unfaithful (or have yet to be caught) but why take the risk?

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