Is David Beckham being fat-shamed by Harper? Or does she have no idea what the word means, asks Now's Lucy Gornall

He’s arguably THE hottest man on this planet but David Beckham has revealed his three-year-old daughter Harper calls him chubby.

Woah, woah, WOAH, Harper! Obvs she doesn’t know about the mega-fitty status adorned by her famous father…

Speaking on an American chat show, David, 39, revealed that Harper had made him slightly concerned about his physique.

‘I was bathing Harper and had got her out and was towelling her down when she said: “Daddy I love you but I don’t like you, you’re so chubby!” I didn’t think I was but…,’ laughed David.

Hmm, whilst I’m totally gushing over this cute comment, part of me is a little concerned.

Firstly, why-oh-why is a girl so young using the word chubby in such a negative way? It makes me think, in what context has she heard this word being used? And where?

Let’s be honest, the chubbiest kids are often the most adorable and it wouldn’t have shocked me if Harper simply said her dad is chubby or she liked him because of it. But it is a bit sad when a youngster below school age becomes aware of body image so soon.

Growing up in the spotlight since before birth, she’ll have enough time for that judgement later. Childhood should be a time free from the fear of prejudice. Y’no, playing out on the street and scraping your knees, not worrying about body shape.

Harper‘s barely out of her nappies and she’s already pointing the finger at her dad’s size, despite him being super trim and toned. How small does she expect people to be?! 

Harper‘s mum Victoria Beckham is well-known for her slender figure and super healthy attitude towards food and exercise, with David recently admitting that his cooking skills don’t go far with his wife because she prefers salads.

Despite all of this, I kind of started thinking back to when I was a kid and how my parents raised me. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I recall my mum and dad being perfectly honest about my looks. None of this Gwyneth Paltrow-style ‘I raise my kids with no carbs’ nonsense.

I have never been overweight and thankfully skinny genes run in my family, but I distinctly recall the time when mum pointed out my ‘tummy’.

‘Oh I noticed you’ve got a bit of a belly on you Luce,’ said my oh-so-kind mum (I do love her really – sorry mum!).

FYI, I totally ditched the plate of biscuits I was noshing on when my
delightful mother pointed out my belly roll. Who needs the gym eh?

Other members of the Now team also remember ‘fat-shaming’ moments.

‘My Granny told me, “It was nice to see I was carrying some timber,” while my dad used to say ‘I’ve seen more meat on a heron,’ admitted my colleague.

Someone else in the office also revealed that her mum used to warn her ‘to watch that muffin-top’.

Yikes! Yes, we know they love us but it just proves we live in a world obsessed with bodily perfection and that hearing comments like that stick with us throughout childhood and adulthood.

So, while I was a little taken aback at Harper‘s chubby chat, I can understand where she might get it from, and that it’s actually pretty normal for parents to use these negative-body words in front of their kids.

I reckon though that kids should just be taught the values of a healthy lifestyles without making the issue too much about fitting one ideal. We all come in a range of shapes and sizes and a person’s looks should never influence how children judge a character.

What do you think?

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