An open letter to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on his latest plan to create something that's sure to crush confidence and breed hate.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

If I could physically dislike you at this very moment, I happily would after unveiling your decision to introduce a Facebook ‘dislike’ button today.

What do I even mean by that? I’m not quite sure to be honest, but it sounded like a good opening.

Speaking of your grand plans to build something that I’m sure is only going to breed hate, you revealed how ‘people have been asking for this button for years’ – but surely there are more pressing matters?

How about bringing in something to stop the string of unemployed single mothers I went to school with ten-years-ago spamming me with daily notifications to play Candy Crush or any other ridiculous game I don’t care for? No, I don’t want to play you, it’s 16:12PM on a Wednesday afternoon and I have a job.

Or how about some kind of O.A.P special interface to remind my Mum she doesn’t have to sign every comment off with ‘luv mum xxx.’ Christine, we know you’ve sent the comment because we can see your name and photo attached to it; and I’m afraid that’s not how you spell ‘love’ either.

We left ‘txt tlk’ back in the days of Bebo my dear Mother, and I thought we’d left encouraging cyber-bullying in the days of, well, underestimating the real impact the internet has on its victims.

Am I over reacting? Yes, possibly.

And do some of the girls in the office actually think it’s a good idea? Yes, again.

But to me social media is an every day essential that careers are built upon, long lasting relationships are formed and people post far too many intimate details of their life on.

So to bring in something which is essentially a button of negativity doesn’t seem the best idea to me?

Yes, you’ve stated the purpose is to express empathy for posts deemed too inappropriate to physically ‘like’ – but when have people ever followed the rules?

Think of the self-conscious girl that’s spent hours posing for the perfect profile picture? All it’d take is one click of the ‘dislike’ by some Cheeky Nando’s chap underestimating their ‘epic bants’ and all that confidence she’s spent the evening building up is gone.

Think of the struggling musicians and creative’s sharing their work with the world via the social media site? A little click of the ‘dislike’ button and there’s another stamp on the dreams they’re yet to achieve.

And not to mention all the young, insecure, users that’ll take every click of that button as a personal dig and a punch in the face.

Anyway, that’s my opinion.

All the love,

Joshua Fox

PS: I’d happily welcome back that unspoken time of daily Farmville spam in exchange of this button of doom.