BLOG: While the Beckham's swan around the 'most magical place on earth', Brad Pitt has lined up a tour of Banksy's latest creation but which one should we be heading to to keep on trend? Now's Benjamin Potter investigates...

Banksy nearly broke the internet this week when he opened his latest artistic installation, Dismaland.

The underground activist has been a firm favourite of the stars with including Justin Bieber and Drake queuing up to purchase his pricey pieces.

Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt has even scheduled an out-of-hours tour of the rundown ‘bemusement’ park.

Fans can get a full hit of the world-famous activist and his 98 collaborators by heading down to the theme park which has taken over a disused lido in seaside town Weston-Super-Mare.

For the sum of £3, visitors can walk among the exhibits including a distorted mermaid, a dilapidated fairy castle and a boat pond where all the boats are filled with models of migrants, as well as paintings and a beach ball hovering above upturned knives.

While die-hard fans have been queuing round the corner to get a glimpse of his latest installation, across the pond the Beckhams continue to swan around Disneyland…so we ask Disneyland or Dismaland?

Before even arriving at the ‘most magical place on earth’ (the REAL Disneyland) you will be forced to part with a whopping 50 quid to purchase your ticket. And that’s without the Eurostar across, the hotel and a spell inside the extortionate giftshop. Tot all that up and you could be looking at a sizeable sum.

Meanwhile, Dismaland (the place where dreams are ruined!?) costs a much more affordable three quid. Throw in the coach ride and a fish and chip supper—you’re laughing!

Disneyland relies on its cheesy over the top adverts to get you druelling over Space Mountain—well Dismaland does that too, sort of.

In a nod to it’s much ‘happier’ counter part, Banksy has created a trailer which shows a family on their way to the park but when they arrive the dystopia they face is nothing like the plastic mickey mouse land.

Rides…what would theme parks be without them? Well, Dismaland. Although it distinctly lacks a Dumbo ride or It’s A Small World, it boasts crazy golf called Mini Gulf based on the war on oil and even a 50 Shades of Grey themed Punch and Judy Show!

We’ll leave Becks to Disneyland…any room on Brad’s private tour of Dismaland?