Discounted cabs home for drunk girls in revealing clothing in Brentwood? Erm, ALL girls should be able to get home safe...

So, Brentwood Council is considering setting up cheap minibuses and taxis for ‘girls who are drunk and not wearing very much’, according to Councillor Chris Hossack.

Discounted transport home after dark is a nice idea, Chris (have you ever tried getting three night buses home from Dalston to Peckham at 3am, babes?! Possibly not – but if you have, you’ll feel my pain).

But, Chris, I disagree with a lot of your comments.

‘Drive up the high street – it’s like a cheap thrill shop window… some nasty men may take advantage.’

Ok. I get that.

Although Chris appears to be ruling out the fact that many girls wear, you know, jeans and tees out. Aren’t those who dress down eligible for safe, cheap travel home, too?

We aren’t all tottering about in heels and miniskirts – though it’s a woman’s right to wear what she wants, anyway! Wear heels and miniskirts. Wear dungarees. Wear a Kappa tracksuit (actually, don’t wear a Kappa tracksuit).

But believe you me, Chris – I’ve been harassed in the street countless times after dark – and I usually dress down.

Chris continues, ‘Has TOWIE made an impact? I think it has… Amy Childs is a part of the problem, as far as I’m concerned.’

Woah there, Chris! So it’s partly Amy‘s ‘fault’ that Brentwood Council are finally discussing safe transport home for women?!

Shouldn’t there be a debate about safe, reliable and affordable ways for women to get home, without slathering the blame on one woman or television show?

Amy Childs, former TOWIE star and regular wearer of tight dresses and heels, has said, ‘I think the comments are very unfair… I don’t feel that being, or wanting to look glamourous makes us irresponsible.’

Right on, Ames.

A girl wearing jeans and a hoodie, or a boiler suit and a balaclava can get just as p*ssed as a girl wearing a miniskirt and heels.

Oh, and Chris – I think you’ll find that women have been dressing up to the nines and getting drunk since WAY before TOWIE started.

And all over the country, too.

So there.

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