She's making motherhood look like a lovely lark. So why not have another, Jools Oliver?


They’re already parents to four super cute children, but it sounds as if Jamie Oliver‘s wife Jools Oliver is feeling broody for another.

‘There’s this Moses basket I designed… [that] I haven’t been able to test personally yet,’ she told Style magazine. ‘It would be nice to put it to use.’

Well, here are eight reasons – and 12 pictures – why we think they totally should have a fifth child…

1. She looks like this at 40
Four kids to care for (Poppy, 12, Daisy, 11, Petal, 5 and Buddy, 4), a busy job designing childrenswear and a chef for a husband should mean she’s has no time to look this good. But 40-year-old Jools Oliver has never looked better. She’s slim, youthful, and energetic. So when she recently hinted that she was clucky, we thought, if anyone can, Jools can.

2. She’s still in love with her husband
Witness this post of Jamie Oliver looking FIT. Her caption? Googly eyes and a heart. And you need good relations to have, er, good (baby making) relations!

3. …And he’s still in love with her

We’ve chosen three examples of Jamie’s love for Jools. But scan through her feed and there are literally hundreds of fist-in-your-mouth-cute moments between them. Here are our favourites:
a) You’d expect a fine breakfast in bed from Jamie. And he doesn’t disappoint. He brought her toast with a heart of jam drawn on the plate.
b) He spelled out I 4. She’s nailed the whole work-life balance thing
‘I never felt the need to validate myself,’ she says. ‘I don’t mind being a mum, I don’t mind being seen as Jamie’s wife.’ Neither of which has stopped her pursuing a career designing the Little Bird clothing range for Mothercare (click here for a nose, it’s just a bright and retro and cool as you’d expect). It helps that Jamie’s totally behind her work. ‘I think happy women are the ones who have got a bit of both – who are neither full-time workers nor full-time mums,’ he says. ‘They get to interact with adults instead of just talking gobbledegook [to their kids].’

5. Her kids are well-disciplined

When asked what she wanted to teach her kids, Jools said this: ‘Firstly manners and politeness are very, very important in our house.’ It was probably little surprise to her, then, that this is what Jools found on her bed after Christmas – an unbidden thank you card from 11-year-old Daisy. Incredible!

6. The Oliver offspring are kind too
Jools’ second house rule is: ‘…kindness, being sensitive to other people’s feelings and treating people the way you would want to be treated!’
So witness three Oliver kids reading together, all four at an aquarium, and this snap of 13 envelopes written by Poppy for Jools for when she’s feeling, sad, mad, stressed or sleep deprived… Sigh. If all kids were like that we’d ALL be having five!

7. She’s under no illusions
If the lifestyle envy is really setting in, you might be heartened to read this.
‘We go to the beach and take a really good picture,’ Jools says of the lovely pictures of her family. ‘But two seconds later one of the kids is crying, another is having a tantrum – we always laugh at what goes on behind the scenes of Instagram.’

8. She’s one of the happiest celebrity mums we can think of
What makes Jools content? ‘I am just so happy to see my children happy. It’s very simple. If I hear giggles come from the garden or bedroom etc, it makes my heart burst.’