Eva Mendes has revealed the secret to keeping her man, Ryan Gosling, happy is banning sweatpants from the bedroom. But Now's Scarlett Russell doesn't agree! Here's why...

She’s snagged one of the hottest actors around, so no doubt Eva Mendes is intent on keeping her standards pretty high.

We can only imagine the sort of La Perla getups she has in her wardrobe in order to keep Ryan Gosling interested. It also helps that she is also one of the most beautiful specimens on the planet, has curves to kill for, a brilliantly talented actress and probably a right laugh, too.

But as perfect as Eva, 41, is, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her latest revelation: That you should NEVER wear sweatpants in front of your man.

‘You can’t do sweatpants,’ she told US entertainment show Extra. ‘Ladies, number 1 cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no?’

Er, no.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about looking nice for my man. Nothing will grab a man’s attention more effectively than showcasing the results of your trip to Victoria’s Secret.

But, come on; Eva and Ryan, 34, have been dating for over three years. They have a six-month old baby. Surely she can relax a little on the comfy-clothing stance?

About a month into my last relationship, I was fully still in the ‘sexy-only’ underwear phase. I wouldn’t even let my man see me without my contact lenses in (nothing screams mood killer like my thick-rimmed reading glasses). One night he decided to pay me an impromptu visit. I was makeup-less, lens-less and dressed in a battered Mickey Mouse t-shirt and, yep, grey sweatpants. Mortifying.

‘Ah, I like you better in your scruffs anyway,’ he insisted. In fact, of all the male celebs I’ve interviewed about dating, relationships and romance, the overwhelmingly vast majority have taken this stance. Apparently, girls taking the ‘more natural’ look are favourable than blusher at bedtime. Who knew?

So, I’d like Eva to take a little reality check. Whilst not all effort should go out of the window three years and one baby into a relationship, there are far worse things – body odour, bad breath, a sixth toe – than sweatpants in the bedroom, right ladies?

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