I will miss watching rugby giant Ben Cohen hurling partner Kristina around the dance floor

Before I write this blog I would like to point out, I CANNOT dance. I have no sense of rhythm and like to think I perfected the dad dance’ years before I actually became a dad.

So I take my hat off to Ben Cohen who this weekend was voted off Strictly Come Dancing.

Firstly for having the sheers guts to do Strictly, going so far out of his comfort zone. And secondly for being at the considerable disadvantage of being in a dancing show and being the size of oil tanker.

Big Ben‘ – as Craig Revel Horwood has affectionately labelled him – has improved hugely over the course of the series and you cannot fault how hard he has tried.

I’m sorry though, I have always thought he looks just plain wrong dancing. Ben carries 20st plus of solid muscle and the former rugby player looks about as flexible as a steel girder.

Weirdly though, I will miss him not being on Strictly as, of all the contestants I found Ben one of the most enjoyable to watch, dazzling the judges one week then stomping around the dance floor the next.

My wife also enjoyed the various states of undress he’s been in throughout the series.

This week was not one of Ben’s best, scoring only 27 points, the lowest total of the night. Despite his endless enthusiasm, he just looked un-natural to me during the dance.

Secretly, I think it must be welcome relief for dance partner Kristina Rihanoff‘s poor aching limbs. For weeks I’ve watched him chuck her from one side of the dance floor to the other.

Ben joked on leaving; ‘She’s been thrown against a wall, elbowed, stood on, punched – but not on purpose – to make me look like I can dance to a song.’

At least Ben said that now he would be able to dance at his kids’ parties in the future. And considerably better than I would be able to!

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