Liam Scholes turned up to school dressed as the BDSM loving Christian, of course he should be excluded from pictures!

It’s hardly breaking news that Fifty Shades of Grey protagonist Christian Grey is one of the sexiest characters in literature (after Lord Asriel, obvs).

Not only is he incredibly sexy, he also has sexual tastes that are extremely far form the mainstream and feature a ‘red room’, cable ties and a whole load of spanking.

And that’s fine, consenting adults can do whatever they want, whatever floats your boat an’ all. But do I think year seven secondary school children should have an acute awareness of BDSM? Um, nope.

To celebrate World Book Day yesterday 11-year-old Liam Scholes arrived at school dressed as Christian Grey. He didn’t just reference the Fifty Shades of Grey dominant by wearing his grey suit and looking dapper, he went the whole hog, bringing cable ties and an eye mask into the mix as well.

Horrified teachers excluded him from the school picture, much to the upset of his mother, Nicola.

Liam told Good Morning Britain: ‘It’s the content of the book that people might think is inappropriate, but I went in dressed as Christian Grey just for a laugh.’

While Nicola told Radio Four’s Today: ‘I don’t think I was breaking the rules. He went as a book character.

‘Christian Grey is one of the most famous book characters of recent years.

‘He’s aware that the book is saying things of a sexual nature. If you looked on Twitter after the film came out it was everywhere.’

While I definitely appreciate where Liam and Nicola are coming from – Fifty Shades of Grey is everywhere and very difficult to escape, I have to confess I’m on the side of the school. I know I sound terribly conservative, I’ve surprised myself, but I’m just not comfortable with an 11-year-old referencing BDSM.

Again, I put my ‘old nag’ hat on to say this, but kids are growing up far too fast nowadays and I feel that pre-teens dressing up as dominants and being aware of what cable ties are used for, other than putting wires together, is just further stripping them of their innocence.

Sure kids know what sex is from a really young age, often before their parents have had ‘the chat’, but do they really need all the stuff reserved for Fifty Shades of Grey and Christian Grey‘s red room of pain thrown into the mix before they’ve even gone through adolescence?

I really don’t think they do.