The natural look suits Chloe Sims so much more than surgery overload


My eyesight is rapidly deteriorating, I wondered if that was why I was starting to find TOWIE‘s Chloe Sims attractive.

Fear not eyes, she has just spent a whopping £19,000 having smaller veneers fitted, after taunts from fellow cast members about her oversized horse-like ones.

They now fit (almost) nicely inside her smaller lips as she’s had her fillers dissolved.

She looks way better and more her age (she’s only 31!).

I am aware that she asked for her first set of pegs to be big and white, but surely the dentist should have advised her on what would look better?

Apparently her bum’s deflated also, her frame was too small for the op, that’s £4,500 down the drain.

Plus from the early pictures of her I’ve found from trawling the net, her teeth looked fine before she went crazy on surgery.

I spent years and years hiding my smile until I bit the bullet and had four veneers fitted, I still need more but the money ran out, my mouth is currently worth more than my car.

My brilliant dentist would never let anyone leave his surgery looking like Chloe or Rylan Clarke. Dentists can do incredible things, so why do so many celebs just end up looking worse after treatment?

Here’s some of TOWIE‘s worst culprits giving UK dentisty a bad name. Big and white doesn’t equal good looking smiles, people…

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