As he gets ready to play Christian Grey, we reveal how your man could be just as perfect as (naked) Jamie Dornan

Woah! Mr Christian Grey has finally been revealed and it’s the oh-so-sexy Jamie Dornan.

EL James could barely contain her excitement when she confirmed the news in the early hours of this morning. And frankly neither can we.

Already having won a legion of fans as a Calvin Klein model and star of BBC2’s The Fall, Keira Knightley‘s ex is one hot scrumptious piece of, well you know what…

And after some very thorough (picture) research he also seems like a pretty nice guy too.

The bad news of course is that Jamie is married and expecting his first child anytime soon…

So seeing as the real Christian Grey is completely off limits, here’s five lessons Jamie can teach your current guy…

To be confident in his body:
Okay, so he might have more to show off than the average Joe. But Jamie oozes confidence without being cocky. He even did a complete full frontal shoot for posh mag Visionaire in 2007. And let’s just say, the term little Jamie‘ doesn’t really apply….

How to look sexy in whatever he wears:
Tight shirt with sunglasses. Yep, Check.
Tiny Calvin Kleins. Yep, double check.

To be adorably humble:
He played The Huntsman in Channel Five’s Once Upon A Time and looked OMG gorgeous. But when he discovered Chris Hemsworth was paying the same role in Snow White And The Huntsman he got all shy, saying: [the Huntsman] is a cool role to play…My only thing is that Chris Hemsworth is playing the Huntsman and he looks like a proper man. I look like, you know, a woman in drag.’ You didn’t to us Jamie….

Not to get jealous:
In a very un-Christian Grey fashion Jamie seems completely, um, cool with the fact his wife Amelia Warner was once secretly married’ to top Hollywood hottie Colin Farrell. Amelia met Colin when she was 19 and had a non-legal’ service on a Tahiti beach…

To keep it in the family:
Does your bloke moan about a trip to the in-laws? Well the Dornans believe in a tight-knit family. Indeed Jamie‘s stepmum Samina is a respected obstetrician gave his wife and gave his wife Amelia her first ultrasound! How cute is that?

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