Naked Miley Cyrus may be courting controversy but Britney Spears' new video proves she's still the uber bitch...and I love it!

Step aside, Miley Cyrus, step aside.

You might have shocked’ us all with your twerking, drug confessions and naked romping on a wrecking ball. (Yawn).

But listen carefully. You will NEVER, NEVER be the queen of controversy. Not even close.

Indeed, whatever you do, that title will always be owned by another fallen Disney star. And today she’s come out and proved it. Who is it?

Well in her own words – It’s Britney. Bitch.

Yep, Miley you can try as much as you like but our fave Louisiana girl will always beat you to the headline-seeking punch.

Britney Spears’ new video Work b****’ shows the mum-of-two getting her bondage on with a bunch of lingerie clad ladies in the middle of the desert.

And frankly Miley, it’s like a stick of dynamite to your humble wrecking ball.

So Miley, there’s one thing left to say. To quote Neve Campbell to Emma Roberts in Scream IV: You don’t f*** with the original’.

And here’s my top five reasons why:

5. She got ill – and got over it. Yeah, she shaved her head. But then she became an X Factor USA judge. Britters 1, critics, 0.

4. She’s a mum-of-two that can STILL rock a basque: Miley’s 20. She’s meant to look good. Britney‘s a mum-of-two and 31, but she still looks a-ma-zing. Let’s see what Miley looks like at that age…

3. Jedward did Britney... Okay so Jedward’s red catsuit Oops I Did It Again’ wasn’t the coolest thing ever, but it was a damn sight better than blander than bland Joe McElderry singing Miley’s The Climb. Eeek, we’d be embarrassed to collect those royalties.

2. She partied with LiLo and Paris. Okay they could have done with more underwear but who DIDN’T want to be part of their gang?

1. She’s all over Vegas baby. Yep, Britters has won the ultimate dream of a residency in Sin City. You want bad ass? Two years living it up in US’s most depraved city will about do it …


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