Peter Andre is having a baby - that's certainly going to stir things up!

It’s a secret I’ve been keeping for weeks, but at last Peter Andre has finally confirmed
he’s having a baby with 23-year-old girlfriend Emily MacDonagh.

Pete accidentally gave the game away when he protectively stroking Emily‘s tum at an event last month.

But after weeks of biting my tongue (apart from telling my mum, natch), we can FINALLY talk about it.

As someone that has interviewed Pete many times over the years, I can say I was genuinely pleased for him and Emily.

In fact after writing about him week in, week out, his nappy news is almost as exciting as Kate and Wills‘ royal arrival.

Yep. I’ve said it.

I’m slightly worried I’ll be sent to the Tower for such a remark, but, no, I’ve not gone Insania – and here’s why:

1. Katie Price… and that Tweet. Never wanting
to steal anyone’s thunder Katie Tweeted that she was ‘genuinely happy for Pete
and Emily‘, um, a week after she apparently let the cat out the bag and Tweeted
about the pregnancy, before deleting it. Oops.

2. Pete deserves a happy ending: It’s been a
tough few years since the break up with ex Katie. Whichever side you’re on,
Pete deserves some happiness – and we know above anything, that he loves being
a dad.

3. They’re a genuinely lovely couple. Pete is
the only celebrity EVER to send a cup of coffee out to me when I’ve been sent
to doorstep him…(an interview would have been nicer, but still…) Meanwhile,
Emily is a sweet and funny girl, who is far more mature than her

4. I’m not really a baby person, but Princess
and Junior are adorable. The new little one is going to be gorgeous.

5. Peter and Katie‘s babies will have just a
few months between them. Will the war continue into the next generation? I’m
getting a flash forward as we speak …

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