Rumours are rife the pair have met up. This is why Selena shouldn't go there!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were pictured together in a self-taken shot that Justin put on his Instagram account over the weekend.

The picture was then taken down.

Now reports suggest that Selena is visiting Oslo – where Bieber is performing. Yep.

Is a reconciliation on the cards?

Now, I’m a firm romantic, but I don’t think she should consider for a millisecond getting back with Biebs.

And this is why.

1. Selena‘s raunchy new film, Spring Breakers, was a tearaway success at the box office. In my opinion, her sexy new image (that body!) is only improved by the fact she’s not with Justin what stupid thing can I do next?’ Bieber. Selena could be, whisper, edgy if she plays her cards right.

2. She’s slagged him off on the David Letterman show. Why go back on that?

3. The Anne Frank debacle. Embarrassing.

4. Justin Bieber‘s pet monkey, Mally, is still being detained in Germany – and Bieber still hasn’t contacted the animal sanctuary where the monkey is now living to sort out getting it back. Sorry, but I couldn’t date a guy who wasn’t bothered about his pet.

5. He’s Justin bloody Bieber. END OF.

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