I thought I knew everything there was to know about David Beckham. Until now...

How cute was David Beckham‘s documentary Into The Unknown last night? The famous footballer was joined by three of his best mates for a perilous motorbike adventure across Brazil. And for someone who we’re used to seeing posing in his underwear, this was a manly side of Becks which actually made us fancy him even more.

I’ve always prided myself on knowing pretty much all there is to know about Goldenballs, but this intimate documentary uncovered some genius insights into Posh‘s other half…

1. Brooklyn is going to be just as popular with the ladies when he’s older

How grown up is Brooklyn now?! Watching him strolling round the garden arm in arm with his superstar dad and getting tips on how to look after the family whilst David is away was the best insight into the Beckham clan we could have wished for.

2. He does actually have man friends

When he’s sitting on the front row of one of Victoria‘s shows with Harper bouncing on his knee, it’s hard to remember that Becks is probably most comfortable when he’s doing some male bonding in the changing room post-match. Seeing him rough it in the jungle with his man mates, eschewing showers and lugging things on his back made us remember what an alpha male he actually is. And we like it!

3. He’s pretty good at Spanish

For all the ribbing he gets in the media for not exactly being a candidate for Mastermind, seeing Becks comfortably converse with the locals in (albeit broken) Spanish was pretty impressive. 

4. He can get on with pretty much anyone

Okay, we probably could have guessed that he could probably charm the pants off a snake if he needed to, but seeing David get stuck in with the fishermen and hanging out with the kids in the tribe made our hearts actually pop.

5.  He can’t close his front door

Notice how he spent way too long fumbling with the front door when he arrived home. We can only imagine that he’s usually used to having people do that kind of technical job for him!

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