One Direction have worked so hard for the past three years. Don't let them burn out and go off the rails

So, Simon Cowell has hinted that One Direction MIGHT be getting a break soon. And I think they really deserve it.

In between tours, making a film, scoring a zillion number one hits, and having girlfriends, the lads just about manage to squeeze in time for a silly tattoo (or a fling with an older woman. Cough, Harry Styles, cough).

Simon‘s said (no, not something about waggling your toes): If I ever thought one of our artists was being overworked or over-promoted you would just have to say to them, “You’ve made enough money – take a year off.”’

Big talk coming from Simon, who probably has a bigger bank balance than many European countries.

What we don’t want is the 1D boys burning out – or worse, as is the case with many teen stars, going off the rails and ending up in trouble with the law or in rehab (think Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore… the list goes on).

For God’s sake, give Harry Styles and co a rest, Si. I love them, and I’ll miss their tunes, but an extended holiday is just what they deserve.

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