I'm addicted to Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I've made my decision. Khloe wins!

Ok, so it’s universally accepted that Kim Kardashian is gorgeous. Even her haters hate her for reasons other than her beauty (you know, the fact that she’s spoiled. And pretty annoying).

But, she’s bloody gorgeous. And she’s got an out of this world body to match.

But I’ve decided that – shock – her sister Khloe Kardashian is the hottest Kardashian of the pack.

Hear me out…

First up, Khloe‘s got the Kardashian look’ – you know, amazing cheekbones, a ridiculously pert bum, an endless wardrobe, and hair so glossy I can’t quite describe it.

But she’s got something else.

She’s tall, she’s leggy, and above all, she’s mouthy.

Where Kim and Kourtney fall down is the fact that they’re, well, totally monotonous.

Khloe‘s been criticized endlessly as the fat’ sister, but I think she’s the best, actually. She’s got a gob on her, says what she thinks, has an awesome body (none of that ‘fat’ nonsense, please!) and dresses like a pro, too. Plus she even presented X Factor in the US! 

Who’s your favourite sister?

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