The Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson will be riot on The Voice but the real way to save the show? Swap Tom Jones for a hottie

The Voice is gearing up for another year – another year of pitifully underperforming compared to The X Factor.

Don’t get me wrong I love the show. Or maybe I should say I love the idea of the show.

But no one can hand on heart say it’s been a true TV ratings chart topper.

Many of the formats faults will be solved this year simply by having the amazing Kylie Minogue , 45, Spinning Around in the red chair – instead of Jessie J, 25, warbling on about tricks and licks.

And I’m also beyond excited by the addition of the Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson. I’ve seen him live and he can certainly give the lovely Danny O’Donoghue a run for his money when it comes to stage presence.

But there’s one thing I think the BBC really need to do to pull in the young single women like me.
I’m bored stiff of hearing sob stories of the contestants.

I’m even less interested in whether the hopefuls land their dream of hitting the big time.

And I’m particularly non-fussed about Tom Jones‘s dropping names of stars long in the ground.

Yep. What will make me turn on on a Saturday night (okay, make me set my DVR) is getting some super hotties on the panel.

Let’s be honest, the best thing about last series was Danny O’Donoghue in his tight black jeans. And while I’m sure Ricky will definitely bring it in the sexy department and is of course simply ‘dope’, I don’t think I’m alone in saying you can never have too many hunks…

So no disrespect, but why not drop the OAP Tom Jones and spend the licence fee payers’ cash on something/someone a little easier and our eye (and probably on our pocket?)

Not convinced? Just imagine these guys beaming into your front room every Saturday night…


Brandon Flowers – who cares about the contestants’ warbling when you can look at this pretty face? Where’s the pause button?

Adam Levine – the Maroon 5 hottie will certainly spice things up. Especially if he takes his top off.

Duncan James – Okay, he’ll never be our One Love, but he’s still pretty damn fine

Harry Styles – Well, I couldn’t leave him out could I?

Pete Wentz -Even The Fall Out Boy still has it… Sorry, Tom


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