By dating male gigolo Matthew Paetz, Lea Michele's hit a new all-time low.


 After Cory Monteith‘s tragic death last summer, his girlfriend Lea Michele did what no one in her situation would do – she went into hiding for awhile… and then reemerged a woman possessed who wouldn’t stop talking about Cory‘s passing.

Next, Lea released an entire album about her love for Cory and her battle to make it through this dark time. And now, she’s allegedly dating Matthew Paetz, a male gigolo. #interventionneeded

Forget Gwyneth Paltrow and her too-perfect GOOP website. And who cares about Anne Hathaway‘s irritating Les Miserables crying-face? I don’t know how she does it, but Lea Michele has quickly become the most annoying person in Hollywood.

Celebrating a loved one’s life and memory is a good thing and refraining from bottling up your grief is a healthy attitude but because Lea‘s in the public eye every move you make is under scrutiny and magnified ten-fold.

Someone should’ve advised her to take a more measured, humble approach to mourning.

But dating a male gigolo? Is Lea seriously taking the mickey?

Where are Lea‘s PR team? Where is Lea‘s gay best friend, Jonathan Groff?

‘Cos if I was Jonathan Groff, my conversation with Lea Michele would go something like this:

Lea Michele: ‘Hey you know that hot guy Matthew from my video?’

Jonathan Groff: ‘Yeah…’

Lea Michele: ‘I think I like him.’

Jonathan Groff: ‘Uh-huh…’

Lea Michele: ‘And I think I’m ready to move on from Cory. I’m going to date him. And I don’t care if get papped with him.’

Jonathan Groff: ‘Bitch, are you CRAZY?’

I know you can’t help who you find attractive but honestly Lea, a male gigilo? There are thousands of men who would’ve been better to choose as your bounce-back boyfriend.

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