Gah! As new nude pictures of Amber Heard and Jennifer Lawrence are leaked we take a look at what we've discovered from the 4Chan nude photo scandal

The celebrity nude photo hacking scandal (CNPHS) has seized the internet again, as new naked selfies of Jennifer LawrenceKim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Rihanna, Blake Lively and Vanessa Hudgens were leaked online to website 4Chan.

TMZ reported that Johnny Depp‘s fiancee Amber Heard appeared in more than 50 shots, while BuzzFeed revealed that Hayden Paniettiere, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have all been targeted too. Mainly taking bathroom selfies. Hell, #KimKardashiannude and #VanessaHudgensnude are trending on Twitter right now.

But you know what’s also trending? #EmmaWatson who – herself on the list – is also one of legions of stars to shout back about the scandal, saying: ‘I think it is right. I should be able to make decisions about my own body.’

Agreed EW. And such decisions include a woman’s right to take nudie selfies, shared or un-shared with husbands, best friends or Steve in Accounts – should she so wish, right?

Perhaps not. One look at Twitter and you’ll see how divided celebrities, real peoples and (ahem) plain-idiot-perverts are over the scandal. Especially over the question of who’s to blame… Which is why Now has whittled it down for you – you know, just in case anyone kick starts some light debate on the No.77 bus.

10 Things we’ve ALL learnt about the photo hacking scandal:

1] The world LOVES Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s people called it: ‘A flagrant violation of privacy’. True fact.

But Paula (in the Now canteen) disagrees: ‘It’s just made me love J-Law even more!’
‘Whaaaht!?’ she laughed, when Now quizzed her about her new girl crush: ‘It has! Jen’s loved because she’s so real. She’s been in a long distance relationship – of course she’s going to share sexy snaps. The fact that the photos have been leaked is just more proof that she’s human, and suffers from f**k ups like the rest of us. Chris Martin’s a lucky, lucky man. But I bet you Gwyneth Paltrow’s fuming…’

Er, Jen, t’would seem we (the world) has got your back.

2] Blake Lively has a GREAT body. Ridiculously good.

And you don’t need to look at illegally leaked photos to know that.

3] … The same goes for Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Dave Franco… you get it…

4] Oh, Dave Franco? Yeah, he’s a US actor. He’s had pictures leaked too. Yup, 1 out of 101 targets were men. Seemingly The Internet appears less fussed about the whole ‘man thing’. What? Because man bulges just aren’t as impressive as BOOBS! BOTTOMS AND BOOBS!? Or because men just like looking at women? Or because women would sooner look at women too? Or? …

5] Most hackers are hormonal and greasy – and male. And men with a lot of time (and technology, and gawd only knows what else) on their hands

6] Celebrity men don’t know whether to joke about it

There are three female camps to the CNPHS: 1] Those who’ve Googled the pics (Wrong) + 2] Those who haven’t (Right) + 3] The Rest (i.e those whose Wifi’s been down/they’ve been busy/ fiiine, they’ve looked – but are now in deep, dark denial)

The male reaction? Yeah, he’s FUMING too. But he’s probably looked. He’s not sure whether to make a joke about it yet. Too soon, right? Seth Rogan took his man-rage to Twitter, writing: ‘Posting pics hacked is really no different than selling stolen merchandise’.
Before quickly adding: ‘I am obviously not comparing women to merchandise’.

Ricky Gervais‘ reaction was a shocker, he tweeted: ‘Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pictures of yourself on your computer.’

For the most part Twitter accused Gervais of ‘victim blaming’. 

7] Anna Kendrick? Yeah she would rather see pictures of other people’s dogs than other people’s… ahems…

She added on Instagram: #SeriouslyThoIHopeThatGuyGoesToJail

8] The hacker has probably started to think about how they could best use their powers for good. Ah go on now hacker, try, any day now. If you’d be so kind.

9] We should vote Lena Dunham for Prime Minister, or President at the very least

Girls legend Lena has spoken: ‘The “Don’t take nude photos argument” is the “She shouldn’t have worn a short skirt” of the internet. The rapist’s apologia.’ Lena even suggests that the leaks are a sex crime: ‘Putting a woman’s body out into the world like that against her will is like ripping off someone’s clothes in the middle of Union Square.

‘The way in which you share your body must be a CHOICE. Support these women, and don’t look at these pictures.’

10] The general consensus? From Now‘s canteen to Twitter and back again is this: It’s not who or why or whether they’ve taken a nudie pic, it’s who chooses to look – or NOT look – at the pic. To quote Edmund Burke, as Emma Watson did on Sunday: ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men – and women – do nothing.’

In a nutshell, Emma says: DON’T LOOK. So DON’T LOOK. You’ll feel surprisingly smug about it, promise.

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