FOUND. This year's Celebrity Big Bully as James Jordan turns on Gary Busey in the Big Brother house

There are plenty of things that have shocked us about this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Lauren Goodger’s genetically modified lips, David McIntosh‘s array of sausage-smuggling sports shorts, White Dee’s, well, everything.

But by far and away the thing that has left us hoisting our jaw from the floor is the treatment of eccentric Hollywood star Gary Busey.

Yes, we know he’s a little odd, bears more than a passing resemblance to Hellboy (after he’s been in a fight) and still speaks to his co-star Patrick Swayze. WHO DIED FIVE YEARS AGO.

But none of the above, excuses the actions of Strictly badboy, James Jordan whose bullying and badgering of the 70-year-old actor left viewers aghast.

It all started innocently enough with Gary jokingly asking James whether he was gay, following some innuedo-inspired banter with Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan.

To be fair to Gary who seems pretty confused at the best of times, James was, by his own admission, camping it up. But James‘ laughter soon turned to rage and he rounded on the Point Break star.   

James said: ‘It’s normally the people like you – listen, don’t be rude, look at me when I’m talking to you – who think that homosexuality is wrong.’

Face darkening, James thundered on: ‘You should be careful what you say, you may be 70 years old, but you should be careful.

‘Do you think that’s acceptable? You should have respect.

Although nearby
spectators, David McIntosh and Ricci Guarnaccio initially found the whole affair amusing,
they were soon squirming as things got increasingly heated between the angry duo.

James later threatened that he had never hit a 70-year-old’.

Gary, who suffered
a severe head trauma in 1989 after a motorcycle accident, later tried to make it up to James. But even after an awkward five minutes in the CBB garden it was clear that James, jaw clenching, muscle-flexing was still sizzling with anger. And James then apparently poisoned his other housemates against Gary.

That evening, Gary was alone and trying to get to sleep when Geordie Shore‘s Ricci was dared to get into bed with him.

C’mon guys, didn’t your teachers tell you about ganging up on people? And it wasn’t just us who wanted to storm the CBB house and give Gary a cuddle.

Twitter went crazy after we asked if anyone else felt sorry for Gary. The verdict was a clear yes’:

@NowMag entertainment is not picking
on a 70 year old man who is trying to sleep, have some respect’

@NowMag I am as he’s clearly unwell :/ not sure he should be in
there if I’m honest xx’

It usually takes a couple of shows to identify the Celebrity Big Bully. But it seems that James Jordan has very quickly volunteered to be this year’s pantomime villain.

Let’s just hope that someone starts sticking up for him soon. Patrick, are you there? 

If you missed last night’s episode (are you mad!?), here’s a
couple of other you-need-to-know CBB highlights…

* David
and Stephanie Pratt competed in a plank’ challenge…obviously the
delightful David won that. #showoff

* White Dee was
de-throned after completing her Duchess of Solihull task. The Benefit Street star had
us in stitches when her butler’ entered the house, presenting Dee with a
royal’ breakfast.

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