Scotty T gets emotional as he spills the beans on the last episode of the series...

It’s all kicked off in the house, once again, as Charlotte and Gaz had another fight.

Charlotte got the dreaded phone call from Anna asking her to leave the house immediately and none of us know if she is coming back…

When the phone rang again, this time it was good news.

Geordie Shore were going skiing in the French Alps. Hell yeah!

This didn’t manage to make the girls any happier though as they were still gutted that Charlotte‘s gone and blaming Gaz. Drama!

When we arrived in the Alps it was colder than Newcastle and the girls looked like Bambi on ice with their heels on, it was hilarious! They also got the best rooms in the chalet. Not happy.

We hit the bars but something wasn’t right – Gaz felt guilty for Charlotte not being there so he wouldn’t pull.

He missed out all the fit posh uni birds!

Intead, he used this time to speak to Vicky and sort out the boy/girl divide though. I did my best for relations by asking Holly if she wanted to dust off my Alp… but when she got into my bed I gave her a custard pie.

All in all, was a great trip, and when we flew home we were almost a family again, but we had one night to make the most of it as the next morning we all went our separate ways…

Until next time! 

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