Rebecca Adlington isn't the only one who's been exempted from Bush Tucker Trials

Fans of I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! are in a rage because contestant Rebecca Adlington has been exempted from two jungle trials.

Give the girl a break!

Swimmer Rebecca, 24, has been exempted twice from Bush Tucker Trials on medical grounds.

That means for health reasons, people, so what’s the problem? If ITV bosses rule that Rebecca can’t do a task because it’s too risky for her and may affect her health, then she can’t do the task!

TV chiefs really aren’t going to risk letting contestants get ill in the jungle – think of all the insurance and compensation!

After Rebecca was exempted for the second time, viewers took to Twitter to vent their fury, saying for example that Rebecca‘s an Olympic athlete so surely she’s more able to push herself to the limit than her less fit opponents…

Tweets have included: ‘So basically, Rebecca Adlington OBE,Olympic Gold Medalist can’t do any bushtucker trial on “medical reasons” so why is she there? #imaceleb.’

And another added: ‘Why is #RebeccaAdlington always ruled out of trials for medical reasons. She is an Olympic champion ffs #ImACelebrity.’

People are assuming that Rebecca‘s being a coward and just wriggling out of having to go through all the gruesome trials, but actually we really don’t know, do we!

Rebecca may be right up for it but being told she’s not allowed to do it.

And ‘medical reasons’ could cover a whole host of things, not just the fact that she’s worried she might break a fingernail… Why’s everyone so eager to condemn her, without all the facts, too?

Let’s remember that Rebecca‘s not the only contestant to be exempted from trials on medical reasons – Matthew Wright and David Emanuel have also been exempted. So why’s everyone picking on Rebecca?

Lay off, guys, easy on the venom – remember, it’s light entertainment! It’s really not meant to be a snuff movie ya know!


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