Last night I met the Gogglebox stars that everybody is talking about...


Sod Ryan Reynolds, Helen Mirren and well, all the other celebs, and make room for uber-posh wine drinking couple Steph and Dom Parker from C4’s Bafta winning show Gogglebox.

Last night the two biggest stars of the telly addicts show that everyone is talking about got the biggest cheer of the entire night at the prestigious Glamour Women of the Year awards in London. Fearne Cotton even snapped a selfie of herself with them on stage! Usually that would be considered a total no-no at a posh awards bash.

I watched in awe as partygoers pushed past the likes of The Saturdays and Little Mix and made a beeline for the couple who have wooed the nation with their hilarious one-liners and witty quips. And as a huge fan I was at the front of the queue to meet them.

Oooh, oooh, I love that magazine!’ cooed glamorous Steph when I introduced myself as the showbiz editor at Now. Just like on telly, Dom didn’t say much and left the chit chat to Steph. Puffing away on a ciggie and drinking a glass of white wine (quelle surprise!) I’m pleased to report she was a total chatterbox and utterly charming.

We love the show, it’s so much fun, and it’s amazing to come out to things like this… but if it becomes too much like work we won’t do it anymore,’ (say WHAT?!) said Steph, whose voice wasn’t as posh after a few glasses of wine as it is on the telly.  It’s so much fun because we can just be ourselves and it’s fine, we can swear, drink and it’s great.’ Oh OK phew…

Like Fearne Cotton, I couldn’t leave without a snap. I can’t have my piccy taken until I’ve done my lippy!’ said Steph as she frantically tried to find her bright red lipstick. Bless, her PR told me afterwards she didn’t care about that, she desperately needed the toilet but was struggling to get through the crowds. Make room for the couple everyone wants a piece of!

Now somebody do us all a favour and give them their own show. I’d watch it, would you?!

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