Helen is gorgeous - but she's not perfect. And speaking about her fight against acne will help other sufferers

Helen Flanagan is normally know for appearing on the front cover of Nuts magazine, being a bit of a ditz, and having a generally all-round astounding figure, with boobs to die for.

But I’m really quite proud of Helen today, for reasons other than getting her baps out.

Yesterday she wrote candidly online about her 7-year ‘struggle’ with acne – and how she’s tackled it.

I know acne can be miserable and can really affect your confidence I’ve had it on and off for 7 years,’ she wrote on Instagram.

‘Nearly 3 weeks on my tablets from my dermatologist and my skin has massively improved. My advice for anyone suffering is definitely see your dermatologist and have a course of tablets (but tred with care on medication) as for me its something internal and have tried every skincare product under the sun…. I really think this is the only way of clearing it.’

I think it’s good news that Helen‘s breaking the ‘I’m so perfect’ celebrity silence that we’re used to. She’s got spots – and she’s struggled with them for years.

I’m glad she’s recommending visiting a dermatologist to tackle acne. I had bad skin when I was a teen, and only medication (both tablets and a special cream) prescribed by my GP-referred dermatologist helped to finally clear my skin.

Before that, I was miserable. But then things changed – thanks to medication.

Helen‘s also recommended several products that work for her – Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer, Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation, and MD Formulations cleanser, which Helen says, ‘contains glycolic acid and is good for acne and is inexpensive‘.

‘So happy my skin is 50 per cent better as before new year I was really struggling with it,Helen finishes.

Go, Helen! Acne is annoying and inhibiting for your confidence. Sharing her experience with fans will hopefully get fellow acne-sufferers on the path to better skin, and most importantly, greater confidence.

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